3 easy steps: How to get what YOU WANT!

Law of attraction

Six or sever years ago I had some problems at school..

But what kind of problems? Well during exams, although I studied and studied, I couldn’t get the perfect score.. There was always that question or that subject that I didn’t know or was the only one to which I couldn’t find the correct answer in the books. But because I was (and still am Laughing) a good, helping person, the other colleagues of mine were getting the perfect score.. with my help… I was happy for them, and also proud because they’ve got it (with my help..), but a little bit sad because only in my case that “wrong” question came in my exam paper, not on theirs.

And this happened one time, two times, three times.. I was getting frustrated..

I wanted to have the grade that really showed how much I studied..

Why was I getting all the time the thing that I didn’t want? Because for sure that wasn’t my dream…

Only after I’ve got in contact with this law of attraction theory, I’ve understood what was actually happening in my situation.

What does the law of attraction say: we attract in our lives the things that we are thinking about.

Now you could say.. but did you wanted to have the wrong questions in your exams??? Did you, did you???

Of course NOT!!

So why did you get them?

I’ve found out that this law doesn’t take into consideration the things you DON’T want.. For it, everything is taken ad litteram.. only that it doesn’t remove the negation part!

If you think: “I don’t want the shop to be closed”, guess what?? The shop is going to be closed! The law of attractions doesn’t see that negation.. it just sees your wish: SHOP = CLOSED.

How do you feel now after this information? Do you have an AHA moment??


For sure I did!

I was… AHA! so this is why I’ve got all that awful exam papers! I didn’t want to have the wrong question! Translation: Me wanting = wrong question!

So, what’s next? How can I fix this?

It’s not a big deal.. just think in positive terms.. I want that the shop to be open! Or shorter: The shop is open!

Let me put a little bit of structure here:

  1. positive terms = positive outcomes!
  2. keep trying! If you don’t succeed from the first time, try try again! It will work!
  3. visualize yourself in that situation (the desired one)!

For me, the thing that worked the best was to say: I attract easy subjects, to which I know the correct answers!

Just for a second imagine how it would be if you mastered this technique:

You = achieving great things, the things that you want!

I think it’s a nice view! Cool

Now, whatever comes in your mind, take into consideration: does it have positive terms in it? If not, the first thing you need to do is to modify it’s form! Make it positive!

I hope this article clarifies a little bit more on this subject! You are getting there for sure!

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: did you noticed??? I wanted to say don’t be egoist, but I caught this thought and I’ve modified it: Be ALTRUIST Cool

Easy as that! See you next time!

By: Ana Caragea

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