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What makes a relationship work? Any relationship.. Is it trust, respect, commitment, good communication? All of this?

I believe the answer is in each of us! Maybe we don’t have the perfect relationships, but we try our best to make them work.

But what happens when we find ourselves in a circle, where the only people we have next to us, are the ones inappropriate? What can we do about it?

A friend of mine seems to find herself in this circle. It’s the same relationship over and over again. Jealous, possessive, control-freak so on and so forth! The tricky part for her is that she doesn’t see this pattern. But she wonders why she is so unhappy, why she is so unlucky in love..

The question here is why we sometimes (or all the times) end up attracting the same type of people?

Well, one of the reasons might be that we are concentrating on things we don’t want.. Like his/hers traits..

I don’t want her to be a cheater, I don’t want him to be a drinker.. So on and so forth..

The good part is that we have the power to change all of this! HOW??

If you are in a bad relationship just take a second to think: what you DON’T like, what you DO like?

After that, take a piece of paper and write down the following:

  1. traits I like my partner/friend to have;
  2. traits I don’t want him/her to have;
  3. how he/she should make me feel;
  4. how I want to be treated;
  5. rephrase(transform from negative attribute to a positive one) step 2 so you will have only the good traits.

: Be as specific as you can! The more you add the better!

For sure some of you will say: but it’s too much! How can a person have ALL these qualities that I’m looking for?

The good news is that I can tell you somewhere in this world, the guy/girl you described is there and she/he’s looking for someone just like you! If I can do it, you can do it! (I applied this method myself! And it was a success!)

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Now you have in front of you a full list about how your next partner or friend should be like.

After that, you need to visualize meeting this person! Concentrate on how you feel when you have this meeting! It’s an extremely important step!

You can feel joy, excitement, happiness, butterflies in your stomach! Feel everything, feel anything! The more positive you are, the better for you!

Also when you are thinking about the meeting, use active verbs, at present time:

I am with this lovely person, who is like ..(put here all your attributes) and I feel ..(put here all your feelings that you want to have)!

What’s next?

oh yeah! Take action! Take THAT piece of paper with THAT pen and start writing!

Go on! He/she is waiting out there for your power of attraction!

Let me know how it goes – the process of writing it down or the visualization! Or both! If you get stuck or have any questions about it, I’m more than happy to assist you with that!

Remember: It’s up to you to be HAPPY!

By: Ana Caragea

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Ana Caragea Positivity, calmness, passion, kindness and dedicated in helping other.. just a few of my core values. My life statement is: "I am the SHIFTER that initiates a positive transformation." And that's why I believe that Happiness is a Choice! Positive thinking is the easiest way to get where you want, when you want, with the people that you want!