6 reasons why we are not that positive


I was talking these days with a friend of mine about her habits. And while we were sharing our opinion about this topic, she told me that she can’t understand why it is that easy for me to be so positive.

Because for her it’s obvious I was born like this, and even from my mom’s womb I was generating happy thoughts.

She made me laugh! I don’t even know if that is possible Laughing (maybe in a different post I will look into this subject.. Smile)

So I asked her: “Louise, tell me, do you think I let it be or do I choose to be like this”? Her reply was: “You are just like this, how can choose different than what you are?”

Well, as far as I know, being able to make changes in your perspective, is one of the best things ever. We, as a human beings, we are conditioned to think alike, to “borrow” the different ways of seeing the world. Even Aristotle was saying: “Man is by nature a social animal”.

Let me ask you something: what does that mean? Why are some people positive and others are negative?

The answer is simple: we are programmed by the society (starting with the family, the school, our friends, our neighbors, our employers) how to think, how to behave, how to make decisions. Some of us, realizing that maybe the way we are thought is not that good for us, take initiative and look for other perspectives.

There are several reasons why people are not positive:

  1. the pattern in the family is to be negative;
  2. the lack of knowledge in a different perspective;
  3. the circle one enters: bad events lead to bad perspective, lead to the belief that only negative things can happen;
  4. the media which advertises only negative news, so that you think you are surrounded only by mean and negative people;
  5. the lack of positive examples or positive people in our lives;
  6. the lack of interest in making things differently!

But what if I tell you (and not only me – there are so many examples of people who do this) that everything can be changed? That even though you were surrounded by all these factors, you can still overcome this condition!

The first step
is to take a leap of faith and to trust me when I say that even the most negative person can become positive! Surround yourself with people who live and breath in the positive spirit!


What do you say? Do you recognize in your life any of the reasons mentioned above? If yes, please tell me which one it is, and if you want to start changing your life!

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Like always: Happiness is a CHOICE!

By: Ana Caragea

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Ana Caragea Positivity, calmness, passion, kindness and dedicated in helping other.. just a few of my core values. My life statement is: "I am the SHIFTER that initiates a positive transformation." And that's why I believe that Happiness is a Choice! Positive thinking is the easiest way to get where you want, when you want, with the people that you want!