Have you wondered…?


Have you wondered why things happen even if you don’t want them to happen?

Let’s say you go to work, thinking it’s a normal day. But as it progresses, you find yourself in a situation where you don’t want to be.. And let’s say your boss happens to supervise you and he’s having a bad day.. Then what?.. –  You may ask..

By the end of the day you feel that he is not impressed with you, with your work, with your way of being.. With anything..


What if the next day you receive a phone call from HR, telling you to come in for an “office” meeting? Ups.. What did I do wrong? What is happening? Where did my thinking go wrong? Me, the “always positive thinker”? For sure this was not me, not with my way of thinking.. Did I slip? And fell into the negative side? Hope not..


So the meeting comes.. Wow.. The HR office looks nice.. Wonder why? Possibly to make you feel comfortable while they give you the bad news..?

Anyway.. I didn’t expected what happened next.. Being demoted was not on my “To do” list. Tragic day.. What more can I say?


So, for sure you might say that things happen, even if we don’t wish them to.. True.. But.. Wait..


I don’t give up! I know things happen for a reason! So then what is the reason for being demoted? – one might ask..


When our vision is focused only on what’s in front of us, we might not see the reason. Only time can resolve this issue.


As it did for me!


Even if it comes disguised as a bad event, if you allow yourself time to cool down your feelings of anger and frustration, you might discover the true reason.

In my case, the reason was to leave my country in search for new adventures/ travel opportunities. If I were to remain in the same job, maybe I wouldn’t have been so motivated to leave. So it was just the kick that I needed. Of course it wasn’t pleasant, but it was necessary!


The journey arranged by your thoughts is happening! Just allow yourself time to see it. And then, enjoy it! You are the master of your life! Create your reality and explore the beautiful possibilities!

Now, please take a moment to think of your past events. Where did they let you? Are you a stronger person? Are you a happier or even a more determined person? Take a piece of paper and write them down: events in one column, results in a second one. See?

Everything DOES HAPPEN for a reason!


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By Ana Caragea

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