Having a bad day?


I received a few days ago a comment on my previous article that gave me the idea for this one.

The question is: if I’m responsible for every event that happens in my life, either good or bad, how can I make the switch to have only the desired things, people, events?

Well, let me tell you a story..

I was flying with my previous company. A short flight, like usual. Short and easy.. Or this is how it was supposed to be..

The thing is that I woke up in that morning grumpy.. How many of us do that?? I can assume sooo many.. 🙂

I wanted to make myself a coffee to feel better, because I wasn’t a morning person! To my surprise, the power was off.. ufff morning and no coffee.. not a great start for a grumpy girl! You can imagine that my thoughts were not that happy 🙂

Anyway, I managed to get ready for work, even though I had to redo my make-up because my cat distracted me and the eyeliner ended up not in the right place.. Uhhh imagine to have a nice eye makeup and then an ugly black line across your eye! Yach!

Not the perfect start! After everything was ready, I headed up for work. In a hurry of course! I was late! And punctuality should be one of the qualities of a cabin crew! Not in that day for me! 🙂

My thoughts were random, going in and coming out of my mind, no order, just chaos.. My flight at least was on time (going there)! I think I was lucky with that one! But only on that! Because the destination was Rome.. Everyone knows how that airport works.. It doesn’t 🙂

Now I can laugh about it, but back then I wasn’t that happy! Of course the passengers gave me a rough time, of course we had to offload some luggage to be placed in the cargo hold and the passengers weren’t glad about it, of course the flight papers weren’t ready on time, of course the catering misplaced the coffee cups.. ohhhh what a day… one after another!

My head was spinning! My thoughts were uffff get me out of here!!

Not to make it a long story, I eventually arrived home! I took a breath and tried to figure out that happened.. It was quite a new situation for me.. Things go well for me.. SO WHY WAS THIS DAY DIFFERENT? Why so much drama?

And then it hit me!

My morning was terrible! And I didn’t do anything to stop this path.. I could have focused on something beautiful, or I could have read a joke, or something funny. But what did I do?? I continued to be grumpy! And my whole day turned up to be just like that!!

And I remembered what was in that book I’ve mentioned in my last article (“The law of attraction” by Michael J Losier): the thoughts that we have and the words that we use are extremely important! By their vibration we receive whatever we think about! Either bad or good! In my case, a bad day!


So I’m going to do a recap for you – what steps you need to do in order to avoid having bad days, or things that you really don’t want.

  • First of all, monitor your thoughts as much as you can!
  • If you surprise yourself having a negative thought, reverse it: use the opposite word!
  • Surround yourself with things that you like the most, so you can borrow their positive energy!
  • Have a whiteboard in your room! Write down an inspirational quote that works for you and have it placed so that this would be the first thing you see in the morning when you wake up!
  • Have a friend or me to help you with the rephrasing process!

And now, your most important step in this journey is to SMILE! 😀 The rest will come easily!

You can now start on your journey to better days! Try to implement the steps and tell me what worked for you.

You can also leave your comment on how you feel about this article, if it helped you in any way!

Remember: Happiness is a choice!

By: Ana Caragea

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