Let’s do some MAGIC!

The Wizard

It’s like a magic phrase.. And it does magic for real.. In my life, in your life, in our lives..

Made you curious a little bit? 🙂 That’s good, that was my intention!

Every time I want to do something or I’m planning to, I have a small ritual for success. And I’m using it all the time. It helped me in school, it helped me for my job interviews, it helped me walk confident in a busy area, it helps me all the time when I go to work, or even when I go shopping..

I discovered this magic trick while I was reading the book that I keep mentioning in my articles – “The law of attraction” by Michael J. Losier. He does magic too! 🙂

Since then, it’s like a second nature to me. And it’s like a perfect glove on my hand. I cannot see now my life without it.

Well, enough with the mystery!! The magic trick is as simple as saying affirmation!

Oh… But wait! The AFFIRMATION is the magic trick! 😀

At this point maybe you are confused.. what am I talking about?? I am talking about a very simple and efficient way to successfully do anything and everything!

What is an Affirmation?

An affirmation is a sentence that you say to yourself (out-loud or in your mind) to help you succeed in your actions. It needs to be at the present time, positive, personal and specific.

I have made a list for you with several useful affirmations. Practice them a few times per day and you will start noticing the difference!

I attract health into my life. I am surrounded by health.

I attract happiness into my life. I am happy and well.

I attract the right people for me at the right time!

I attract money into my life. Abundance surrounds me!

Today is a great day for me! I enjoy my life!

I am surrounded by funny things! I laugh so much today!

I have a great day today! Everything goes smoothly!

I am surrounded by people with beautiful hearts!

I attract in my life the best relationship for me!

I am thankful for all the joy in my life!

Positivity surrounds me! I am thankful for all the good people and events in my life!

I feel good about myself! Today I enjoy every moment! Happiness surrounds me!

I am using most of them. They are really a true help and very easy to make!

What I want you to do right now is to select at least 2 affirmations from the list that seem comfortable to you and start repeating them twice per day. At first they can sound strange, but trust me, it will become natural after a little practice!


Let me know bellow in a comment which are the affirmations that you chose!

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By: Ana Caragea

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Ana Caragea Positivity, calmness, passion, kindness and dedicated in helping other.. just a few of my core values. My life statement is: "I am the SHIFTER that initiates a positive transformation." And that's why I believe that Happiness is a Choice! Positive thinking is the easiest way to get where you want, when you want, with the people that you want!