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To Doubt or not to Doubt? This is the question!

A few days ago, I received an email from one of my readers.

“Hello Ana, how are you? I try to follow your advice and I visualize myself with the things that I want, but I keep wondering what if it doesn’t work.. What if I’m doing something wrong.. I feel something it’s missing.. Can you help me please?, Thanks.”

As far as I know, the biggest enemy when it comes to the practice of the law of attraction is this: DOUBT.

And you will ask me: but why? How come? It’s natural for us to doubt, or at least to have a back-up plan in case the first option doesn’t happen..

The answer is quite simple: when you doubt, you put a stop to all the positive thinking and to all the visualization that you did until that moment. It generates a negative vibration which will cancel all your efforts.

Simple, yes? Yes.

Well, here is the catch! It’s easier said than done..
What I mean is that so many of us are repeating the patterns learned home, when we were kids. Maybe our parents taught us to follow our dreams, no matter what (which comes handy when we practice the law of attraction). Or maybe our parents had also learned from their parents to be cautious: to always have a back-up plan, or to expect the worse: if the worst case scenario doesn’t happen, we can be happy we succeeded..
The last example can also be a protection mechanism against any form of suffering (emotional, physical).
Sounds familiar? If yes, we have work to do!

Whenever I want to achieve something which is harder, I have this strange feeling in my chest. It’s like a tightness, like a bump. It feels uncomfortable. This is because my brain can’t see it as achievable, or easy achievable. So I play a trick on it.

This trick I learnt in Michael J. Losier’s book “The Law of Attraction“. I am using it every time and it really works for me.

So here it is:

  • When you have this strange feeling before visualizing, ask yourself: “Did anybody else manage to get this thing(your desire)? “
  • Then reply loudly :YES!
  • Continue: “how many of those who tried were successful?
  • In this step you make up numbers and places, so your brain will perceive it as real: “5 people did it yesterday in UK. 10 people did it 3 days ago in France. 50 people did it one week ago in Spain.” so on and so forth. Until you feel that tightness goes away!

running with the seagulls
This is the process that I’m doing before I start to visualize. After it, my confidence starts to build more and more and more! I know I will make my dreams come true!

This is it! Practice makes it easier for you!

I have a job for you now as a first step: analyze your thoughts and observe when and where this dreadful doubt comes it! Catch it before it ruins your positive thinking!

No more “what if’s”!

P.S: Share with me, please, all these little IF’s! We can learn from each others experience!

P.P.S: Like and share please, so your friends can also benefit from getting rid of our common enemy: the DOUBT!

By: Ana Caragea

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