Ten Inspiring Travel Quotes

by Dalene Ingham-Brown

Travel is a lot of things to a lot of people, and an inspiration is one of those things. I learned that travelling in Africa. When you travel, you’re exposed to so many new things. You’re thrown into a world of discovery where you learn about different cultures, unusual places, foreign architecture, and even something as simple as what makes a local resident smile.
When we experience these new things, we unlock something from within ourselves. We feel its bubble of magic rise from somewhere in stomachs. It wiggles its way up and out, bursting into our minds and out our eyes. It’s inspiration.

Travel has the ability to inspire so many, and change lives one experience at a time. I’ve gathered ten of my favorite travel quotes that get me wanting to hop on that bus, book that flight, and just go… every time I read them.

travel quote (1)
travel quote (2)
travel quote (3)
travel quote (4)
travel quote (5)
travel quote (6)
travel quote (7)
travel quote (8)
travel quote (9)
travel quote (10)

Let new adventures inspire you to think differently, do differently and exist differently. Be inspired – travel!

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