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Even now I remember the first time I really used the visualization technique. It was in a winter evening. A cold and snowing evening.

Maybe you’ll laugh when you hear my wish, but for me was truly important.

So, I was sitting in my room, listening to music, when I realized I felt like dancing. And what a joy it brings to my spirit!

I remembered I had a friend who also loves to dance, and also on the same type of music. So I gave her a call, asking if she wants to join me for a night out, for a dance night. When she answered, she told me she was at a coffee shop with her friends, she wasn’t sure about them, but she was in the mood for dancing. She told me she will ask them and then she’ll call me back.

I didn’t know what to expect.. Will she come with me or not? My history of going out was so short, so many times my friends bailed me out..

I had a decision to make: either I worry, either I do something. So I decided for the latter one.

I had recently read about how to visualize in order to fulfill your wishes. But I had never really tried it out. Now was the perfect time to consider it.

As per Wikipedia explanation, the “Creative visualization refers to the practice of seeking to affect the outer world by changing one’s thoughts and expectations. Creative visualization is the basic technique underlying positive thinking.”

So I sat on my bed and started imagining myself in that club that I wanted to go to. I could hear the music, the noise the people made.. I pictured myself dancing and feeling happy, enjoying the moment. The more I thought about it, the better I felt!

In my mind was a clear image of myself having fun and feeling good.

For a few minutes I concentrated only at this. I had a nice relaxing music playing on the background. I think that helped me also to concentrate.

The real chances for me to go were slim, considering the weather, considering my past experiences, considering that my friend was so-so about going..

I said to myself: if this goes according to my visualization, I will have total faith that the law of attraction works!

Lasers in a dance club
I don’t remember after how many minute, but eventually I received the call from my friend: she decided to come alone, just the two of us, because the other friends have let her down.

I cannot describe the way I felt in that moment! Surprise, but yet I was expecting for my though to come true! And it did!

After 30 minutes I was living my visualized thoughts! I was dancing and having a great time!

Just to do a recap for you:

  • when you decide you will visualize something that you want, at least in the beginning, go to a place where you feel safe and comfortable;
  • try to relax by playing in the background a nice and gentle music – you can use also some meditation songs (you can find them on youtube);
  • picture yourself in the situation you want to be – or the things you want to have;
  • add as many details as you can – the more you add, the more your mind will perceive it as real;
  • when you describe it in your mind, try to use verbs at present simple tense. Use action verbs!
  • add feelings! Your mind can be tricked into believing it when it’s is guided also by emotions. If you want to have a specific car, first add the details – color, brand, whatever else you want it to have. After that, add how it makes you feel (happy, extremely happy, excitement, etc.)

Do these as much as possible. After you get used with the process, you will no longer need all of these conditions. You can visualize even in the bus, train, plane, on the street, when you are in the shower.. anywhere, anytime 😀

What I want you to do now is to search for a nice relaxation song! Download it or save the link address and make a note to yourself when you want to have your first visualization session. 😉

P.S: Please leave a comment with the link that you found 🙂 Sharing is caring! 😀

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