Is it working? How do you know?


What is it with this law of attraction? Why do I say it works? Do I have any proof?

How am I so sure it can have results for you too?

These are just a few questions my readers ask..

Well, to start, I have faith that this law works. It cannot be just coincidence. It cannot be only luck.. Even though I always thought of myself to be a lucky person 🙂 but I haven’t won at any lottery! Yet 😉

I’ve told you how it all started in my first article The Beginning. It was a fast paced start. Everything moved and evolved very fast! I don’t even remember all the details. I remember the results though!

I remember that when I was a kid I looked up to the skies and wondered how it feels to be there, in the clouds.. All white and having different and strange forms.. And they looked so puffy and soft, and so fun to watch!

Who had imagined I would see them up close every day  I go to work??

I didn’t!

But this law work for us, or against us, even if we don’t know about it.

It’s better when we are aware of it because we can shape and transform our lives just the way we want. Without any delays, without any confusion.

Do I have any proof? 

Oh yes!

Plenty of them! And I’m still in the process of making them, building from the scratch! Just me, my mind and the law of attraction!

Just a few examples:

– I wanted to go on a cruise. This was a big dream of mine! DONE! Twice I can add! From my own salary! I wanted to succeed on my own! The feeling I guess it’s different..

– I already told you I wanted to know how it feels to be up in the skies 🙂 DONE – it gets bumpy, but this is why we have seatbelts!

– A wedding like in the movies! DONE!

– Going to Michael Buble’s concert: DONE! I’m a biiig fan!

– Going to Australia, to Canada: DONE! And what a great feeling!

– And the most important: having the best husband ever! My love! DONE!


Having said that, I do have proves! All this accomplishments were only because I understood and applied and believed in the “Secret”!

How sure I am it will work for you? Very!
If I can do it, for sure anyone can do it! Why should you be less than me? You can also make your dreams come true! Good things DO happen to normal people like us! We can be happy and soo happy! Or even extremely happy, why not?

So, it can start now for you too! Go online and search for this movie: The Secret!

This is your first step!

After that, come back and tell me your thoughts on it! We will have a common base! This is your start!

On your mark, get set, GO!

By: Ana Caragea

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Ana Caragea Positivity, calmness, passion, kindness and dedicated in helping other.. just a few of my core values. My life statement is: "I am the SHIFTER that initiates a positive transformation." And that's why I believe that Happiness is a Choice! Positive thinking is the easiest way to get where you want, when you want, with the people that you want!