the Pursuit of Happiness!


Last night I’ve sent an email to my subscribers about happiness. But I was thinking that you should know this also, even if you don’t receive my newsletters..

So what was it all about? Some magical way of becoming happy? If it were that simple…

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not HARD, but it requires some effort from your side.

Without further ado, here comes the magic:


“Yesterday I went to an inspiring workshop called The Pursuit of Happiness.

The energy was fantastic, everyone participated in the talk, we exchanged information and smiles. I left that night with a clear vision of what to do to increase my level of happiness.

What did the life coach that held this session said? Around 20% of people in the world are happy.. it means 80% are not…Tragic, don’t you think?

Ok, ok, tragic, you might say.. but what do we do about it? Can we change something, can we transform our lives, so we could increase that percentage? The answer is YES! Definitely!

My commitment for that night was to start doing, for at least 21 days in a row, one or maybe more, of the top 5 actions related with the increase in the level of happiness. (aaa.. which, by the way, is demonstrated to do this through scientific research!)Free Colorful Spring Blossoms in Pink on Blue Sky Creative Commons

Curios about this list? Here it is:

1. Journaling – each day, at your selected time, write at least 3 pages of what happened during that day. If you think you can’t possibly be filling 3 whole pages, start with one, and then increase the number 😉

2. List your gratitude (what you are thankful for) – at least 3 per day. Like this, when you will be having one of those bad days, you can read the list, and your mood will improve!

3. Exercise! Not only that it’s good for your health, but it will also raise up your levels of happiness.

4. Meditate – 5 to 10 minutes daily. Quick guide: close your eyes and take a deep breath. While doing so, say in your mind One. Then exhale. Repeat this process, making sure you say one only when you are inhaling. Enjoy!

5. Random acts of kindness. There’s no need of giving one million dollars to the homeless people, it can be as simplest as letting someone who’s in a hurry, go in front of you. As long as it’s genuine!

Today was my first day! And it felt terrific! I have shared it on facebook , twitter, google+ and linkedIn. You don’t need to share it THAT publicly; if you want, you could just share it with me. That is.. if you want to try this challenge, of course 🙂

Anyway, you have nothing to lose! Give it a try, see how it goes, and have fun while doing so!

Enjoy your 21 days!


PS: can we make it viral? I am sure the remaining of 80% needs some happiness in their lives.. what do you say? 🙂 Let’s MAKE it HAPPEN!


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