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These last 2-3 weeks were so busy.. Running up and down between Dubai and Abu Dhabi (to see my husband), shortly after, my business class training started, which takes up almost the entire day, adding the eating and the sleeping – not much free time.. Crazy schedule.. What to do.. 🙂

But I enjoy every moment! No time to get bored, but also not that much time to write for you.. But I have this strange feeling in my stomach.. I feel the need to write you back, to let you know that I’m still here, and that I’m still thinking positive.


The first exam for this training was a success! I had easy questions to which I knew the answers!

Typical for me! Before every exam, or test, or work briefing, I always, and I mean it: I always think like this:

I receive easy questions and I know the answers to them.

It has never failed me! And I am using this technique for more than 5 years!


Maybe you will tell me that I am just lucky.. Well, since I started applying the law of attraction, I don’t believe anymore in coincidences.


What’s the catch?


I cannot call it a catch. I call it: taking the action!

Even if you repeat this in your mind, over and over again, if you don’t study – a.k.a. taking action – it might not work. I don’t want to take any chances for my exams(I mean not studying), so I will not say that it’s like this one hundred percent . 😀

dream catcher 

Why do I say to take action?


It’s like a nice and beautiful thought – when you have, it is good. But unless you DO something about it, the thought will remain that: Just a Thought! And your reality will be different from your dream world, and maybe you will become frustrated and sad, even depressed..

And we don’t what to be like that! We want to be happy and positive and successful and abundant!


Now what??

Well now I want YOU to start taking action! If you have an exam, at least read one time your stuff, if you want to win at lotto, at least buy a ticket, if you want to have a partner, at least get out from your house! Basic stuff, I know! But somebody has to DO IT!


Be proactive: Start doing things, and little by little they will grow into becoming what you dreamed of!


It’s in you to act!


So act NOW: leave me a comment below, and tell me what could be your next step now (to start fulfilling your dreams)!


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By: Ana Caragea

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